‘God Spaces’ is the name Dr. Diane Divett gave to identify the ‘spaces’ that thousands of people described when they were questioned while connecting to God.

This social scientific discovery is clearly documented in her research (Divett, 1994, 2004). Simply put, ‘God Spaces’ are a spiritual, metaphysical ‘space’ that Dr. Divett suggests all people have. Once taught, people can then use their own God Spaces to: locate (find), access (experience) and develop (describe) what they as individuals uniquely know and experience of God as He reveals himself to them.

This one day introduction entry level course is pivotal to all other Refocussing courses. God Spaces provides a reliable, predictable and repeatable way for people to find and learn how to use their God Spaces, and then to refocus on where God is and what He knows. This is an amazing tool for your life.